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Wedding + Florence

A wedding on a hill in Toscany, between the vinyards… We were there and combined it with a visit to Sienna and Florence.

Corsignano Weddinglocation

The wedding location

Wedding + Florence where they said yes... Wedding + Florence decoWedding + Florence give us some jazz Wedding + Florence pet

One day in Sienna

Wedding + Florence flower shop Wedding + Florence icecreamSienna IMG_20131004_172251IMG_20131004_165547 IMG_20131004_172200

Nice pictures of Sienna right? But what about Florence, why don’t you have pictures of that beautiful city? Well… it was raining so unbelievable hard when we were in Florence that we couldn’t even look around ourselves, let alone take a picture. So we went 100% for a good Italian lunch at 5 e Cinque on the Piazza della Passera. It was a tip from a Danish expat who lives in Florence. So if you’re looking for more tips about Florence, I can recommend you reading her blog adustyolivegreen.

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