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Relaxing at the winelands – South Africa

I couldn’t stop taking pictures from the Cape Winelands. The vibe is extremely relaxed, the valleys are so beautiful, the people are super friendly and the wine is delicious. I won’t spent too many words on this post, just view the pictures and imagine yourself being there…

Spice Route view - South Africa

Babylonstoren is one of Paarls oldest Cape Dutch farms, the place is absolutely stunning. Here has can pick your own fruit and vegetables for your salad from the garden (200 hectare). A farmshop, a restaurant a butcher and a bakery are all in the old farm house. You can even stay here for the night and relax in the spa. Honey, when are we going back??

Babylonstoren - South Africa

Babylonstoren kas - South Africa

Babylonstoren chefs - South Africa   Babylonstoren raspberries - South AfricaBabylonstoren menu - South Africa   Babylonstoren chickens - South Africa

Boschendal in Franschhoek is not only famous for her wines, but also for the picnics under the trees. You can easily sit here for hours and enjoy your company. The place shows you the Cape Dutch architecture from the 18th century and you can get an impression of the lives of a huguenot family in the Manor house.

Boschendal estate - South Africa

Boschendal lunch spot - South Africa   Boschendal entree - South AfricaBoschendal picknic - South Africa   Boschendal picknic tables - South Africa

Boschendal wine ranks - South Africa

What I really liked about the winelands, is the difference in all wine estates. Every one of them has his own reputation but what they all have in common is the relaxed vibe. Again, there is so much to enjoy at Spice Route in Paarl. To have some variation from the wine tastings, we tried a chocolate tasting this time. Luckily enough, the shop wraps the chocolate in a small cool box so we chocoholics could bring loads of it back home.

Spice route activities - South Africa

Spice Route chocolate Tasting - South Africa

Spice Route chocolate Tasting Shop - South Africa   Wheel of tastes - South AfricaSpice Route terras - South Africa   Boschendal flowers - South Africa

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