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Lost my safari virginity and fell in love – South Africa

The year 2013 has been a year of change, so I was thinking: why not changing the Christmas holidays this year as well? So in stead of celebrating it in the Netherlands with friends & family, Joost and I travelled all the way from Copenhagen to Cape town.
We visited his parents whom decided to travel back and forth from the Netherlands to South Africa every six months and we celebrated Christmas with them under the sun. They showed me the beauty of South Africa, starting with a safari trip. I immediately fell in love with peaceful scenery and animals of the African savannah.

safari babe

We were so lucky to spot ‘the big five’ within 2 days already. Next to those amazing animals, there was so much beauty to admire.
I liked to way the ranger named all the groupes of animals, so I wrote a few down. He showed us a journey of giraffes, implausibility of wildebeesten, a dazzle of zebra’s, a raft of hippo’s, a crash of rhino’s, a leap of leopards and a congress of baboons.

Buffalo   Cheetah grassFood giraffes   ImpalasZebra's

baby elephant   LeopardGiraffe long neck   Mother elephant

Kissing rhinos

Come say hello rhino

During the last day of the year, we almost witnessed an attack from two lions against a zebra. For unknown reasons, they decided to leave the zebra on his own. When we turned our head around, after watching the lions for about half an hour, we got treated by this beautiful light. The last sunset of the year.

Lion   Lion close upSundowner

We have made this beautiful trip in Phinda Private Game Reserve. These pictures below shows the lodges where we stayed, which I can absolutely recommend. We have stayed at two different areas of the Games Reserve with both different vegetation: Zuka Lodge in the north and Vlei lodge in the southern area.

lodge stay 1   RestaurantLodge   BathtubBirds

During the december month, turtles are coming to the beach to lay their eggs. You can only make this trip organized by qualified rangers who know all about the behavior of these animals. We have witnessed this turtle laying her (100) eggs in her own digged hole of 1m deep. After covering everything up, she waddled her way back to beach and luckely she wasn’t ignored by us watching her. Also the trip to the beach was worth the visit, what a nice sunset….

Turtle   Turtle eggsbeach

Beach pose

Next to this unforgettable safari trip, South Africa has showed me much more of it’s beauty.
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2 Responses to “Lost my safari virginity and fell in love – South Africa”

  1. Marjanne says:

    Hoi Vera, wat een wonderschone foto’s en wat een avonturen hebben jullie beleefd! en ja, jij bent ook verliefd op het land geworden en op de mensen! Wij snappen Dat!
    Fantastisch om zo ook met jullie mee te mogen reizen ;-) )
    Lieve Groet, Frans en Marjanne

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