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From river to river – Northern Sweden

Call it the end of Europe’s winter or the beginning of an early spring, we made a trip to Kiruna in the Northern Sweden by the end of March to catch the seasons last snow. Although it was just a few degrees above 0 °C, there was more than enough snow to build an entire new city of snice (combination snow and ice) in stead of just the famous ICEHOTEL. Actually, it might be an idea for Kiruna to consider as they are planning to move the city elsewhere in Sweden. The reason for that is because the ground under Kiruna holds the worlds largest iron ore deposit so if the mining continues, they need to move the city entirely or it will collapse.

beauties dogsledtour Kiruna

Kiruna is situated 150 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, which means it has a climate with short, cool summers and long, cold winters. For us, the end of March was the perfect timing for a visit; we enjoyed lots of daylight and sun, cold days & nights like you expect from a northern area, short snow showers, a beautiful rainbow and we have even seen the Northern Light with a sky full of heart-warming green glows. I feel lucky to have seen the Northern Light on my birthday, it’s a priceless experience that will stay in our memory forever.

We rented a cottage at Camp Alta just 15 km outside Kiruna, we were surrounded by beautiful nature. During our stay we booked  2 unforgettable trips directly at Camp Alta. On the first day we stopped by the ICEHOTEL on a snowmobile. When we stepped outside our cottage, we stood almost directly on the Torne river; a beautiful ‘highway’ to the ICEHOTEL. To build the hotel, they harvest many thousands of tons of its pure, crystal clear ice. And when it melts in spring, they return it to Mother Nature. From river to river…

Snowmobiles tour to Icehotel   Village near KirunaEntrance Icehotel Kiruna   Hotelroom Icehotel KirunaDrinks@Icehotel Kiruna   Favorite room Icehotel Kiruna


Church@Icehotel Kiruna

Beautiful skies in front of our cottage.

Sauna on the lake   View frozen Torne River

On our second day, we made an unforgettable tour through the Swedish Lapland forest, pulled by our team of wonderful huskies. A breath taking experience which was quite exciting as well. We both did very well by steering the sled, it was just me who got the sled up side down by bumping in a big hole downhill. Oeps, luckily enough the dogs were so well trained that they stopped themselves.
These pictures below are all shot with the Go Pro, an investment that definitely pays off!


Dogs running Dogsled tour Kiruna

Dogsled tour Kiruna


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