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Relaxing at the winelands – South Africa

I couldn’t stop taking pictures from the Cape Winelands. The vibe is extremely relaxed, the valleys are so beautiful, the people are super friendly and the wine is delicious. I won’t spent too many words on this post, just view the pictures and imagine yourself being there…

Spice Route view - South Africa

Cape Town & Roadtrip – South Africa

Free as a bird, we made a road trip from South Africa’s winelands to Cape Town. This blue headed Poelepetaat didn’t only reflect my feelings, it’s also Africa’s national bird. Could there be a better guide?

Poelepetaat on a roadtrip South Africa

Lost my safari virginity and fell in love – South Africa

The year 2013 has been a year of change, so I was thinking: why not changing the Christmas holidays this year as well? So in stead of celebrating it in the Netherlands with friends & family, Joost and I travelled all the way from Copenhagen to Cape town.
We visited his parents whom decided to travel back and forth from the Netherlands to South Africa every six months and we celebrated Christmas with them under the sun. They showed me the beauty of South Africa, starting with a safari trip. I immediately fell in love with peaceful scenery and animals of the African savannah.

safari babe

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