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The start of something new

Last year has been something you could call an in between year for me… It has been exciting and fun to experience everything that comes with moving abroad. From discovering your new city favorites to dealing with paperwork stuff you never heard off before. Moving abroad and leaving everything behind is an adventure with lots of fun experiences but of course there are also lots of new situations to deal with. I am extremely happy with everything I have been able to do last year. And new promising things are coming up!

Feel the fear and do it anyway   Good energy

Mediterranean Denmark – Stevns’ Cliff

After catching only 7 hours of sunlight during the full month of January, it can only get better! Now that I have been living in Denmark for almost a year, it’s time to discover a bit more from Denmark except the great capital city Copenhagen. I will post some nice Copenhagen tips soon, pictures are just nicer with a bit of sunshine. Visiting Stevns’ Cliff is a trip most 30-aged Danes probably wouldn’t make, it’s only the tourists who do so. And so did we…

Stevns Cliff Denmark

Born with a gift of a golden voice

After a week full of rain, we were lucky to encounter a perfect summer night on which we went to see Leonard Cohen in Denmark. The concert took place at the Kings Park in Odense, right in the open air. For more than 3,5 hours, the band gave us all they had and even more. Everything that happened on stage was in perfect harmony and made you feel peaceful. Leonard Cohen singing ‘Halleluja’ on his knees was unforgettable, but the backup vocals and musicians’ solos also made a great impact. After saying goodbye with a yoga style bow Namaste, the band gave us a full extra hour of magic music.

Leonard Cohen


I love to visit music festivals! I have often visited Dutch festivals like Lowlands, Welcome to the Future, Valtifest and Pitch. Last year we went to Barcelona with a group of friends to enjoy 4 days of the Sonar festival in the middle of the city. Because this year is all about getting to know Denmark, we checked out one of Denmarks biggest festivals: Smukfest! Which literally means beautiful festival. And beautiful it was, in the middle of the forest!


Velkommen til SmukfestThe entrance to Skanderborgs’ forest

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