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Olufs collection - Copenhagen

Strolling down the shops at Østerbrogade in Copenhagen led us to this fantastic ice shop called Olufs. All their ice cream is everyday made of fresh milk, the best chocolate and perfectly combining toppings!

Call it the end of Europe’s winter or the beginning of an early spring, we made a trip to Kiruna in the Northern Sweden by the end of March to catch the seasons last snow. Although it was just a few degrees above 0 °C, there was more than enough snow to build an entire new city of snice (combination snow and ice) in stead of just the famous ICEHOTEL. Actually, it might be an idea for Kiruna to consider as they are planning to move the city elsewhere in Sweden. The reason for that is because the ground under Kiruna holds the worlds largest iron ore deposit so if the mining continues, they need to move the city entirely or it will collapse.

beauties dogsledtour Kiruna

After catching only 7 hours of sunlight during the full month of January, it can only get better! Now that I have been living in Denmark for almost a year, it’s time to discover a bit more from Denmark except the great capital city Copenhagen. I will post some nice Copenhagen tips soon, pictures are just nicer with a bit of sunshine. Visiting Stevns’ Cliff is a trip most 30-aged Danes probably wouldn’t make, it’s only the tourists who do so. And so did we…

Stevns Cliff Denmark

I couldn’t stop taking pictures from the Cape Winelands. The vibe is extremely relaxed, the valleys are so beautiful, the people are super friendly and the wine is delicious. I won’t spent too many words on this post, just view the pictures and imagine yourself being there…

Spice Route view - South Africa

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