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Grow it yourself – a kitchen treat

Living on the the 4th floor demands some of your creativity to grow your own food. There is no garden or balcony in our house, so I had to make a free spot inside. I found mine in the kitchen to start this project ‘de kisttuin’.


A friend of mine from Amsterdam created this box where you can grow your own herbs. All ingredients are organic and produced in a sustainable way. The box contains hydro grains, soil, herbs and a gnome to look after your garden. We called him Mads, after a cool danish actor.

For now I have received some instructions how to grow my own herbs. I will water them enough, but not too much. I will turn the box around everyday to keep  make sure the herbs don’t just grow towards the sun. I will show it my love and smile at it every day. Let’s see how long it will take till I can harvest some of these lovely homegrown herbs.

Grow it yourself - a kitchen treat


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2 Responses to “Grow it yourself – a kitchen treat”

  1. Kickel says:

    Nou wat leuk! Inspirerend en hartstikke leuk geschreven! Ik ga je volgen. Dikke kus en liefs

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