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The start of something new

Last year has been something you could call an in between year for me… It has been exciting and fun to experience everything that comes with moving abroad. From discovering your new city favorites to dealing with paperwork stuff you never heard off before. Moving abroad and leaving everything behind is an adventure with lots of fun experiences but of course there are also lots of new situations to deal with. I am extremely happy with everything I have been able to do last year. And new promising things are coming up!

Feel the fear and do it anyway   Good energy

Lots of positive things have happened recently. Of course they are all related to each other but here is my absolute top 3:

1. Moving in with the love of my life
2. Living abroad
3. Discovering my entrepreneurial side

I really believe that by showing hard work and sometimes being a bit lucky, with the right energy things will fall together at some moment. For sure last year hasn’t been always as easy as it might be described here, but hey… look at my checklist! And now it’s time for a whole new chapter; last week I started my brand new job as Partner Coordinator at the Danish but global oriented company Komfo. At Komfo we are focussing on making Social Media Marketing easier for companies to work with. In my role I will primarily be setting up and managing international partner relations and activities. Cool! I will also write about these professional experiences now and then. This is what my introduction week looked liked, good things are coming up!

This short but clear text is written on one of the office walls…

Komfo's energy - poppies & feathers

Beautiful fresh flowers were send to my home as a warm welcome gift. Nice!!


Komfo flowers - poppies & feathers   Komfo fuel - poppies & feathers

Komfo’s entrance right in the middle of Copenhagens city center and the lunch room.

Komfo's entrance - poppies & feathers

Komfo's lunchroom - poppies & feathers

Here is the link to my announcement at Komfo’s website: http://komfo.com/about/press/happy-welcome-new-partner-coordinator-vera-verkooijen/. You can also follow me on Twitter and Linkedin for updates.

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  1. Dian says:

    Nice read Vera! Happy to know that you are in a good place! :-) All the best at Komfo! x

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