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Mediterranean Denmark – Stevns’ Cliff

After catching only 7 hours of sunlight during the full month of January, it can only get better! Now that I have been living in Denmark for almost a year, it’s time to discover a bit more from Denmark except the great capital city Copenhagen. I will post some nice Copenhagen tips soon, pictures are just nicer with a bit of sunshine. Visiting Stevns’ Cliff is a trip most 30-aged Danes probably wouldn’t make, it’s only the tourists who do so. And so did we…

Stevns Cliff Denmark

This church was build in the 13th Century and lay originally 50m from the cliff. Due to the corrosion of the soft chalk, the church still moves 10 cm closer to the edge every year.

Church Stevns Cliff Denmark

Church Stevns Cliff Denmark inside   Church Stevns Cliff Denmark wallpainting

Church Stevns Cliff Denmark old entrance

It felt like the soft chalk layers could fall off the cliff every moment. They date back 70 million years, pretty old. There is said that traces of ancient sharks and crocodiles have been found here, of course we haven’t found any of that. Only a nice looking black stone.

Rocks Stevns Cliff Denmark   Rocks 2 Stevns Cliff Denmark

Walk along Stevns Cliff Denmark

View Stevns Cliff Denmark

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