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Copenhagen – Nørrebro – Elmegade

Of course I am often asked how it’s like to live in Copenhagen. And although the differences with the Dutch culture and cities aren’t that big, I have to say there is a lot to appreciate in this city. I would like to share my view and favorite spots in and around Copenhagen at poppies & feathers. I will start with one of my favorite streets in Nørrebro; Elmegade. If you are interested in an objective vision: watch the video of Monocle where they spotlight Copenhagen as the nr 1 Quality of life city.


As I live close to Nørrebro, this is the area where I mostly end up for shopping, drinks and after dinner-ice creams. It is a very colorful area and it seems to become more popular every day. Shops and restaurants open their doors and here you will find a great mix of Danes and immigrants. It is definitely a neighborhood that you have to discover by walking around. Don’t get scared off by the kebab places and graffiti walls if you don’t like them. There are a bunch of good places concentrated around Elmegade and Jægerborggade. Let’s start with some nice pictures of Elmegade.


Dronning Louises Bro is the bridge from the city center to Nørrebro. The vibe is extreme relaxed, the view is stunning and during summer everybody hangs around the bridge to sit down and enjoy a beer. The quality of the picture above might not be perfect, but it is shot with an Iphone during a moment when a festival promotion truck started playing loud music. All swans escaped immediately but it gave me such a nice view. The picture is made from the terras of Kaffeesalonen, a very nice place to sit down and relax for a moment.


There are so many nice shops and bars to find at Elmegade. Just walk from Dronning Louises Bro through Elmegade and up to Sankt Hans Torv. From here you can easily walk further into Nørrebro. Don’t be surprised if this area keeps you staying around all day and night.


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