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I feel like a feather who blow’s away every few years. The first time I was told we were moving away from the house where I was born and even though it was within the same town, I felt like I lost my save haven. Actually, I think popping out taught me a lot! Moving to new places makes you conscious of your surroundings and it makes you step outside of your comfortzone.
So after this first experience, Rotterdam and Amsterdam both stole my heart. But living abroad, that has always been one of my dreams. In some way I always thought Barcelona would be the next destination, but all of a sudden it became Copenhagen. This place is like a gift that you can unwrap again every day . It’s the easy going lifestyle that suits me well.

poppies & feathers is my online magazine to capture life experiences and share my sources of inspiration. -Vera Verkooijen

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As a reader of this blog, you come pretty close to my private life. Welcome! Just scroll through the pages like it’s a magazine and read what you like. Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions.
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