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We all scream for ice cream

Olufs collection - Copenhagen

Strolling down the shops at Østerbrogade in Copenhagen led us to this fantastic ice shop called Olufs. All their ice cream is everyday made of fresh milk, the best chocolate and perfectly combining toppings!

Grow it yourself – a kitchen treat

Living on the the 4th floor demands some of your creativity to grow your own food. There is no garden or balcony in our house, so I had to make a free spot inside. I found mine in the kitchen to start this project ‘de kisttuin’.


A traditional Danish lunch – smørrebrød

No matter where you’re traveling, I think having local food & drinks are always a good way to learn more about cultures. Besides, there is nothing better than having a good chat with friends while having new food experiences. So if you’re visiting Denmark, eating smørrebrød is a must.

Smørrebrød is an open face sandwich with some traditional toppings. Shrimps & eggs, herring in curry sauce and potato salad are some of the favorites. You’ll find smørrebrød everywhere in and around Copenhagen. As the quality varies, it’s worth it to pick a good spot. Schønnemann has been operating since 1877! The new owners kept the traditional look of the restaurant and they keep the smørrebrød tradition alive!

smorrebrod-schonnemann crayfish

Vietnamese favorites: Crispy pancakes & Hotpot

With the start of autumn, I often think back to the trip we made through Vietnam this summer. Not only because of the beautiful beaches,  but especially because of the food. That was so fresh and tasteful, I think we’ve tried everyting that the Vietnamese kitchen has to offer.

Vietnamese food on the bike

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