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Mediterranean Denmark – Stevns’ Cliff

After catching only 7 hours of sunlight during the full month of January, it can only get better! Now that I have been living in Denmark for almost a year, it’s time to discover a bit more from Denmark except the great capital city Copenhagen. I will post some nice Copenhagen tips soon, pictures are just nicer with a bit of sunshine. Visiting Stevns’ Cliff is a trip most 30-aged Danes probably wouldn’t make, it’s only the tourists who do so. And so did we…

Stevns Cliff Denmark

November in Copenhagen

November has been wet and grey. The perfect weather to stay inside and watch TV series. Joost and I got addicted to Homeland. In the Netherlands, they add a few new words to the dictionary every year. This year ‘comakijken’  is in the race to become the word of 2013. Never heard about it, but I think we are getting close to be called ‘comawatchers’ after our TV serie marathons.

And yes, there were some beautiful days full of sunshine too! Together with our friends, we went to Dyrehaven. Finally finally finally, I saw those deer that I wanted to see for a long time. I had seen beautiful pictures from this place and guess what: I forgot to bring my camera. So I used my smartphone to make this video. Sorry for my shaking hand, we had to walk backwards as my enthusiasm got me a bit too close to the deer…

Strolling down design markets – Blickfang Copenhagen

This weekend, I had a lovely get together with my mum and two sisters! Next to all the talking and wine drinking, we visited the international design exhibition Blickfang. All the nice furniture, jewellery and fashion from young and international designers were eye-catchers. These are my favorites:


From Germany - no gallery (I’m a happy owner of this one, brown colored)

A traditional Danish lunch – smørrebrød

No matter where you’re traveling, I think having local food & drinks are always a good way to learn more about cultures. Besides, there is nothing better than having a good chat with friends while having new food experiences. So if you’re visiting Denmark, eating smørrebrød is a must.

Smørrebrød is an open face sandwich with some traditional toppings. Shrimps & eggs, herring in curry sauce and potato salad are some of the favorites. You’ll find smørrebrød everywhere in and around Copenhagen. As the quality varies, it’s worth it to pick a good spot. Schønnemann has been operating since 1877! The new owners kept the traditional look of the restaurant and they keep the smørrebrød tradition alive!

smorrebrod-schonnemann crayfish

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