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The start of something new

Last year has been something you could call an in between year for me… It has been exciting and fun to experience everything that comes with moving abroad. From discovering your new city favorites to dealing with paperwork stuff you never heard off before. Moving abroad and leaving everything behind is an adventure with lots of fun experiences but of course there are also lots of new situations to deal with. I am extremely happy with everything I have been able to do last year. And new promising things are coming up!

Feel the fear and do it anyway   Good energy

Copenhagen – Nørrebro – Elmegade

Of course I am often asked how it’s like to live in Copenhagen. And although the differences with the Dutch culture and cities aren’t that big, I have to say there is a lot to appreciate in this city. I would like to share my view and favorite spots in and around Copenhagen at poppies & feathers. I will start with one of my favorite streets in Nørrebro; Elmegade. If you are interested in an objective vision: watch the video of Monocle where they spotlight Copenhagen as the nr 1 Quality of life city.


New project: Copenhagen First

After living in Copenhagen for already one year, it’s time to let my friends in Amsterdam enjoy the beauty and fun of Scandinavian products too. I will open a temporary shop in the city center of Amsterdam were we will present all handmade, Scandinavian products.

Copenhagen First_banner

We all scream for ice cream

Olufs collection - Copenhagen

Strolling down the shops at Østerbrogade in Copenhagen led us to this fantastic ice shop called Olufs. All their ice cream is everyday made of fresh milk, the best chocolate and perfectly combining toppings!

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